Asrak Tekstil

Professional models help textile companies. They are like a sale soldiers of them. With a great photos we increase turnover. I am thankful to lensmodel to help my company to be star of our industry...

Atamer Asrak

Haır Stylıst

It is pleasure for me to make a hair to Lensmodel's models. Their beauty lighten up our mirrors. I can try lots of different styles on them. We make a great hairs. Thanks...

Adnan Güzel


LensModel girls are talentive, attractive and succesfull. To work with a Lensmodel Managament is privilage for me. We can take photos with a soul. Thanks to Lensmodel Managament for professional models...

Savaş Gündüz


Lens model management was established by 2 ukrainan in Istanbul. Lens model is the most reliable agency in the modeling business. Our agency gives an big opportunities to models. Fashion shows, Advertisements, catalog, shootings, web shootings and acting is the part of our jobs. Our quality costumers are the leaders in their industry. Our film producer partner will give chance to models to be a actor.

Lens model just aim about models carrier. We care models comfort and futures. Models will be teached and developed by our team. Our agency will be work, school and second home to models. We target just one thing. It is the happiness of the models. So we put some rules differently from others. All models have a guarantee about their earnings and carriers. Our mission is to send models to their country with a smile. Smiley models succesful agency.


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    Lens Model's one of the industry leaders in Istanbuls's Highly competetive fashion market.